Wednesday, January 19, 2011

not more cards!

I am totally getting into this card making thing.  I am using a lot of new techniques that I have recently learnt and broadening my horizons.  Not that these cards show much of the new techniques I have learnt!!

In this card, I have used German Scrap (only stocked @ Scraptivate, Joondana WA) and a tag that says Best Friends.

This was for my husband's Aunty

A simple birthday card for my friend Kate, again using German Scrap.  Love it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some LO's

I made a wish box for Zoe's first birthday so that guests could write down wishes for Zoe to
open up on her 18th birthday.  Still chasing a few of them up!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day Five of 2011

Can you believe it is already day five of the new year.  Here are three more cards:

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Here are some cards I have made during the year.

This one was for my lovely friend Sabrina, if I remember correctly it was her 21st.

For my friend Suzette's daughter, Dior who turns six this year

This is for my beautiful friend Paula, who just had a little baby.  I used a technique that I have recently learnt.  I drybrushed paint on the card then stuck the glittery paper on top. Attaching the german scrap over the paper, I then added the chipboard word always and the flourish after painting them and throwing lots of glitter on them.

And for Suzette's other daughter who will be 2.  Both her daughters were born in January...funny.

I made this card for one friend who has known me since I was born.

Not sure who I made this card for, but I can't find it in my stash so must have given it away...

Am looking forward to making more cards soon.  I have decided to make all of my cards this let's hope that this is one NY's resolution I can stick too!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year .... New Me?

It's the start of a brand new year, and I am hoping that I don't get to June and realise it is halfway through the year, and I have done nothing that I have wanted in the past six months, and that I have only six months till the end of the year.  It is hard.

I have decided this is going to be a better year for me.  I've got to be happier and more positive.  I am going to create more and write more.  Do lots and lots of writing.  Get my novel finished.

I've recently made a new friend and she has made me a more happier person.  She is so nice, lovely and a delight to be around.  She makes me inspired with my creativity and my writing.  I truly hope our friendship is one to last.  I believe in it.

Here is a sneak peek of my writing:

I am lying on the four poster bed.  The drapes are tied back and through the open window, the moon is a cast of beautiful shadowing light.  I stretch my legs out as far as I possibly can, and they barely reach either side of the edge.  I am not used to sleeping alone, and I am unsure of how I feel about it.  It feels unusual not to have someone else's presence next to mine, the accidental contact when you roll over, a breath of air touching your skin as you snuggle closer.  I close my eyes, as I lay with my arms and legs spread and I can feel the baby move inside of me.  I wonder if it too is trying to touch the sides.  Trying to comprehend the loss of any certainty of where life had been heading.

Chapter One
Nefarious: adj very wicked
I have never had good willpower, which is why I find myself in the six month of my third pregnancy, and I am the heaviest I have ever been.  But I don’t care.  I am about to eat my third slice of chocolate mud cake, and I can’t wait.  I am oblivious to the customers around me as I spoon the first mouthful in, and close my eyes.  It is heaven.  I moan in pure delight, and I finish this piece just as quickly as I have finished the others.  After a moment, I push the plate to the side and wrap my hands around my belly, as the baby moves.  It is ten past three, and I know I should be getting home, Grant will be tearing his hair out having to have had the two boys for most of the afternoon but I don’t get much me time and I need to prolong it as much as I can.
With that decided I carefully pull myself out of my chair, and make my way towards the local bookstore.  I am going to need a few good books to keep me sane when I am laid up in hospital waiting for the birth of this little one.  I walk through the sliding door, and head straight to the romance section.  I am a romantic at heart and through other people’s words I find the pleasure of leading lives I could only ever imagine.  Grabbing two or three – a bad habit of mine I always judge books by their covers – I head to the counter to purchase my selections.  I can feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and upon glancing at it; I notice it is Grant calling me again.  I feel guilty as I hang up on him, but I am sure I will get over it.  I pay for my books and think about heading home.  I head towards the exit and my car, and wonder what sort of mess is going to be waiting for me at home.  Knowing Grant he would have let the boys run rings around him, knowing that I would have to suffer the consequences.  But God love him, he was a great dad.

Till next time

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A long day

Xavier is still sick...this is now the eighth day.  Going to docs tomorrow.  He is currently lying on the couch watching The Wiggles again, at least it is not Toy Story 2 (we watched that four times yesterday and twice today).  It is beginning to show in my conversations with Cam when I start reciting lines from TS2 or even start singing lines from The Wiggles Go Bananas.  Need some adult conversation desperately.

So since he has been sick I haven't done much scrapbooking - much to my dismay.  Nor have I been doing housework or Tafe assignments.  Cameron must be disgusted with me when he comes home but thankfully he doesnt say anything.

Doesn't help that I have woken up feeling crap today.  Maybe now I am getting what Xave has.  Vicious cycle.

Yesterday spent about three hours uploading photos to BIG W online to print off (at ten cents per photos how can I not do this), but to my disappointment an error happened and all that time was wasted so no photos for us until the next time.

I took this photo of Zoe yesterday though, she is such a cutie pie. I just want to bite her haha.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here is my two kids fast asleep when we went to pick up daddy from work the other week.  At the moment I wish they were both fast has been a trying day for me and I am exhausted.  All I want to do is lay my head down :(